Souvenir Penny Machine

We offer our penny press machines (also known as elongated coin machines and souvenir presses)
for SALE.

Purchasing a penny press
allows you to realize
unlimited earning potential
without sharing the income.

Penny Press

4 images for your customer
to choose from

Contemporary Black Cabinet

Price includes new artwork,
die and engraving,
along with new signs.

Save $1,000 from original cost.

Stock #0607

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Pressed Pennies

Our staff can help you with your penny press purchase - from finding the best style cabinet for your location to creating the custom images designed just for you.

Own your own penny press machine and keep all the revenue. Save on penny machines, souvenir penny machines, elongated penny machines... We are your complete source for penny press machines, penny machines and elongated coin machines. Whatever you call them - penny smasher, penny crank, penny press machine, coin smasher, quarter press, dime press, penny pinchers, souvenir press, and squished penny machine - they all roll or press souvenirs known as elongated coins. Browse our featured penny pincher machines - hand-crank penny presses, electric penny presses and attended penny presses - and other vintage arcade amusements to find unique attractions for your business or home. Your customer merely selects the design they want to purchase, inserts two (or more) quarters and one penny, and turns the handle five times - and out drops their elongated penny souvenir. It's Legal! U.S. Code Title 18, Chapter 17, Section 331: Prohibits among other things, fraudulent alteration and mutilation of coins. This statue does not, however, prohibit the mutilation of coins if done without fraudulent intent or if the mutilated coins are not used fraudulently.